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Friday Night Fights!

Clarence was asking where the hell I’ve been so I had to break out the HUGE GUNS for FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!:

I haven’t seen anybody show these off, I hope I’m not recycling. Your eyes do not deceive you – that’s The Greatest vs. The Man of Steel (getting spanked by the Dynamite Right!). This was a DC Giant Size from the 70’s that hasn’t been reprinted because of the legal rights to the images. The cover has over 100 celebrities including such 70’s-tastic stars as Sonny Bono, Jimmy Carter, Frank Sinatra and Telly Savales.


Do You Want to Be President?

My initial title for this post was “Podcasting is Not Dead” and I offer:

Exhibit A: Adam Curry interviews Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

I challenge anyone to come up with anything better in audio this week. (ps – If it has commercials in it, it automatically loses.)

This pushed me to check out the other candidates and I got pulled down a political bend… If you are outside the US, or just not interested in Politics, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled marketing programming on Monday.

It looks like Adam is now supporting Dr. Paul, so I thought “Well, let’s say Adam’s discussion is not really an interview, but rather just Dr. Paul getting some time on the stump.” Even so, this cast has great value – I appreciate hearing Dr. Paul’s positions in his own voice rather than 5 second sound bites, or 1 minute debate timeframes.

Regardless of your political opinion this is a great way to get your message out (did I mention it’s commercial free?). To make it clear for candidates: I am a professional who makes campaign donations and votes. I am in my car for almost 1 hour every day and you can send me any audio message you want and I’ll listen to it.

If you listen to podcasts you might want to subscribe to my Gigadial Channel. Any time I find an interesting podcast I add it to that feed (not just political stuff). The Paul/Curry interview is in there now and I’ll add anything similar for other candidates that you tell me about (john at It’s like having a trained monkey filter out all the crappy podcasts for you! If you don’t need to check it out and will take my word for it, here’s the feed.
For kicks I thought I’d dig around to see what else is out there:

I am subscribed to the John Edwards Podcast and nothing has come down the pipe since July. Bummer.

Barack Obama also has a cast that I was subscribed to. Another one to add to the podfaders.

It looks like Hillary Clinton is re-purposing media, but at least there’s something in the feed.

My Homie Mitt Romney has his speeches up but no feed – bummer – you’re doing the work, grab the free stuff! If only my M Show interview requests hadn’t end up in the black hole…

Fred Thompson is doing some very interesting stuff. After checking out his page, he gets a post all his own on a future date. He’s got some audio up there and he’s also using Blip.TV among other tools. Very interesting.

I like John McCain just because he used to be on Imus so I could hear from him (that is – I liked hearing him, not that he went on Imus just to talk to me). Same deal – he has some speeches up there, nothing to subscribe to.

Chris Dodd was on Imus more than McCain, and if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t know anything about him. He’s got a blog going but I couldn’t find a podcast.

There are other candidates, but this was supposed to be a 5 minute post and now I’ve been surfing and writing for an hour. Remember – podcasting is not dead.

I saved a lot of time compiling this thanks to Wikipedia – check out the GOP and the DEMS.