Marketer’s Dream Schedule for Dreamforce 2013

This weekend I poured through the sessions for Dreamforce, the annual event starting November 18 in San Francisco. Between the website and the iPhone App I was able to put together this schedule that takes into mind all the topics I think will be hot, what sessions are already full, and some value judgments when there were conflicts. If marketing is your thing, this list might save you a ton of time on your first view of the schedule. Of the 314 marketing sessions I reviewed…


Cloud2Car – and the Internet of things 1:00pm

The Magic of + Heroku – Mon 2:30 (Full)

Unifying SF & Physical Devices: An Internet of Things Customer Study – Mon 3:00

Marc Benioff on Dropbox 3:30

Integrate Salesforce and Google Apps with Cirrus Insight – Mon 4:30

Marketing Alliance Party 5:30


Hands-on Training: Build a Website using – Tue 7:30am

Opening Keynote 8:30

Parker Harris 11:00

Marketing Cloud – Cross-Channel Strategy – The ET 4D Framework Tue 2:00

BCA Podcast 2:00

Benioff Press Q&A 3:00

3 Insider Tricks of How the Best Marketers Use Salesforce – Tue 3:30

Sales Cloud for Marketing? Get Out of Here! – Tues. 4:30

Benioff and Mayer 5:00

Blogger Event 5:30


SalesCloud or Chatter Keynote 9:00

Driving the Internet of Things – Wed 9:45

Developer Social Apps Keynote 10:30

Learn How GoodData Analytics Can Make You Into a Customer Company – Wed 11:30

Marketing Cloud Keynote – Noon

BCA Podcast 1pm

Press w Scott Dorsey 1:30

SMB Keynote – 2:00

Press wine tasting 3:00 Keynote 3:30

Benioff and Sandberg 5:00


Fastest Path to Pipeline – Best Practices for Inside Sales Teams – Thur 8:30

Hands-on Training: Utilize ExactTarget Email Data– Thur 10:00 (Already have sildes)

BCA Podcast 11am

Intenet of Things: 5 Ways Connected Products will Transform – Thur 12:30

Q&A Benioff and Harris – Full

MarketingProfs Party 5:30

Unable to Schedule

Pardot New Features & Roadmap – Wed 10:30 (Full) Conflicts w SMB Keynote

Roadmap Sneak Peek – The Future of Salesforce Analytics  – 1 each day, all full


That’s where I stand today, be sure to link up to me on the Dreamforce App if you’re going to be there!


Dreamforce 2013 for Marketers

Marketing nerd summer camp is now only 2 weeks away. I have my flight and room ready for Dreamforce (Nov. 18-22 at the Moscone in San Francisco).

Last year we did Marketing Over Coffee live from the Expo Floor (following up after Tony Robbins!), and this year I’ll be doing even more coverage for MarketingCloud. For anyone that’s going to be at the show feel free to tell me what you are up to on twitter @johnjwall as I’ll be looking for all the coolest products and biggest stories.

On my to-do list so far:

Stop by to visit Todd at they do over 1,000 demos, if you are looking for best practices, talk to him (and be sure to tell him I sent you).

Vocus is on my list since they’ve added email to their product mix for full marketing automation, and of course Marketo always has a huge presence.

InsightSquared has been doing a lot of interesting stuff. If you are into Marketing Dashboards you have to check them out.

Catching up with Mike Gerholdt of the Button Click Admin Podcast. Also looking forward to whatever David Spark has going on as brand journalist. Isaac and Lauren from Tinderbox will also be there.

Very interested to see what Xively is all about (if you are into “The Internet of Things” or “Commercial Internet”), thanks Ben Heyman for reaching out on Twitter.

To wrap it up on Thursday there’s the MarketingProfs Happy Hour, so if you’re around to wind down after walking 50 miles in 4 days, sign up and say hi!

Ok, enough with the link bait, if you’re in, tell me so!

Here’s the clip from last year, the only MoC in glorious HD!