Marketer’s Dream Schedule for Dreamforce 2013

This weekend I poured through the sessions for Dreamforce, the annual event starting November 18 in San Francisco. Between the website and the iPhone App I was able to put together this schedule that takes into mind all the topics I think will be hot, what sessions are already full, and some value judgments when there were conflicts. If marketing is your thing, this list might save you a ton of time on your first view of the schedule. Of the 314 marketing sessions I reviewed…


Cloud2Car – and the Internet of things 1:00pm

The Magic of + Heroku – Mon 2:30 (Full)

Unifying SF & Physical Devices: An Internet of Things Customer Study – Mon 3:00

Marc Benioff on Dropbox 3:30

Integrate Salesforce and Google Apps with Cirrus Insight – Mon 4:30

Marketing Alliance Party 5:30


Hands-on Training: Build a Website using – Tue 7:30am

Opening Keynote 8:30

Parker Harris 11:00

Marketing Cloud – Cross-Channel Strategy – The ET 4D Framework Tue 2:00

BCA Podcast 2:00

Benioff Press Q&A 3:00

3 Insider Tricks of How the Best Marketers Use Salesforce – Tue 3:30

Sales Cloud for Marketing? Get Out of Here! – Tues. 4:30

Benioff and Mayer 5:00

Blogger Event 5:30


SalesCloud or Chatter Keynote 9:00

Driving the Internet of Things – Wed 9:45

Developer Social Apps Keynote 10:30

Learn How GoodData Analytics Can Make You Into a Customer Company – Wed 11:30

Marketing Cloud Keynote – Noon

BCA Podcast 1pm

Press w Scott Dorsey 1:30

SMB Keynote – 2:00

Press wine tasting 3:00 Keynote 3:30

Benioff and Sandberg 5:00


Fastest Path to Pipeline – Best Practices for Inside Sales Teams – Thur 8:30

Hands-on Training: Utilize ExactTarget Email Data– Thur 10:00 (Already have sildes)

BCA Podcast 11am

Intenet of Things: 5 Ways Connected Products will Transform – Thur 12:30

Q&A Benioff and Harris – Full

MarketingProfs Party 5:30

Unable to Schedule

Pardot New Features & Roadmap – Wed 10:30 (Full) Conflicts w SMB Keynote

Roadmap Sneak Peek – The Future of Salesforce Analytics  – 1 each day, all full


That’s where I stand today, be sure to link up to me on the Dreamforce App if you’re going to be there!

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