The Beancast

I just realized that I haven’t mentioned the Beancast recently, it’s a great Marketing Podcast with a panel – basically TWiT for Marketing. Last week I was on with Saul Colt, the smartest man in the world, and that in itself is reason enough to listen. Not surprisingly, I get to be sarcastic

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Things have been a bit slow here at the blog, that’s because all the work lately has been behind the scenes. Finally the time has come, a lot of stuff is shipping this week. In fact all 3 of the major projects from the past 3 months have all come down to Tuesday.

At work we had a major product launch, that’s been eating up a ton of time, and just for fun let’s throw in the company kickoff and a bunch of powerpoint decks.

Marketing Over Coffee also had two big projects – for the past month I’ve been sitting on the secret of the next big interview – on Monday I finally dropped a half hour conversation with Seth Godin on his new book Linchpin.

A big chunk of Q4 last year was finishing an eBook an email marketing strategies. Right now the sponsor has exclusive rights to it but if you go over to Seth’s Squidoo page and vote up the Marketing Over Coffee interview and then tell me, I will see what I can do about getting you a copy.

Daily Life

Bug Fix – Do You Hate Partial Feeds?

I hate partial feeds – blogs that only show the first paragraph of the post, forcing you to click through for a page view. When I started this blog I inadvertently left partial feeds enabled, and then removed all the links. If you are still seeing a partial feed, please delete the old subscription and re-subscribe. If that doesn’t do it, please tell me so I can fix it – because I hate partial feeds.

Thanks for your help!

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Important Stuff – sort of

This is kind of a spring cleaning post – stuff that I have on my list to write about (which forces me to think about), but after review is cool but for whatever reason there’s not much to say beyond “check this out”.

Chrome OS – Google’s OS, the fact that you would log into any computer and if it was connected to the web it would be “your” machine. This makes you think differently, one thing I love is that it would choke out viruses quickly.

Chrome Extensions The one thing that kept me on Firefox was that Chrome didn’t have extensions (specifically my delicious tags). But now I’m thinking that if I install all the crap I have in firefox that suddenly chrome wouldn’t seem as blazingly fast anymore…

Sprint PremierOne of the most popular posts on this blog is Screw Your Customers where I bitched about strangers off the street getting better deals than loyal customers. Sprint Premier is great, if you are a heavy customer you get the new customer deals. You’d think everyone would do this, but they are the first people I’ve seen going the extra mile. Nice Job!

And with that I am back to paying bills and trying to get my tax stuff together… Have a good weekend!

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2009 Year in Review

Another year has passed and here’s my scorecard:

Overall a pretty good year, 80% of goal in raw numbers, although they aren’t really relevant here. I don’t show all the details to maintain my own privacy, but here’s a deeper look:

Family: Our family has grown by one and I did get to spend time with my relatives in both Michigan and California, and that’s everything I really wanted to do. There’s always more I could do here, but there’s only so much vacation time to go around.

Financial Goals: In spite of the recession, it was a pretty good year. The goals of aggressive savings, and better management of the portfolio and insurance were met, hitting 100%

Professional: My 5th year at work was a big one, and M Show productions continues to run at break even, meaning that I’m paying for my gadgets and getting to go to a few conferences. Another goal where 75% completed of what I planned at the start of the year is a huge win given the state of the economy.

Personal: This was where I fell short, although I’m happy with 50%. I was hoping to shoot more video, I did have some 4th quarter heroics getting a chance to really play with iMovie this month, and GH hooked me up huge with the new HD Flip cam, so that’s pretty cool. I was hoping to have the house painted, but other maintenance took precedence. This is one of those things where it pays to adjust your goals if possible – I got a zero percent for house painting but if I had updated it at mid-year to “maintenance projects” I could take 100%. I’m in the same shape I was at the start of 2009, I finished Falmouth, but one of my worst times. Give my home situation I’m happy just to be getting enough sleep to function and not being sick. I will again shoot at Falmouth, but 2010 Goals will be coming soon!

I hope your 2009 goals were met and wish you the best in 2010.


British Sci-Fi

For non-fanboys, Doctor Who is the story of a man who travels in a ship that is a police box (a blue phonebooth) on the outside but is larger on the inside. He travels through both space and time, leaving the writers all of the universe and history to draw stories from. Better yet, he has the ability to physically regenerate from fatal injury, giving the writers the ultimate flexibility of having a new actor take over the role every few years.

The show is nearing its 50th anniversary, it ran from 1963 to 1989, and known for great stories, but terrible special effects. It was revived in 2005 and has been done with top notch special effects and has been excellent viewing.

I have to give the BBC credit for finally running new episodes 1 day after they run in the UK. It’s kind of a running joke among US fans about getting the show off the torrents or other non-kosher means. The David Tennant finale aired this weekend (actor Matt Smith takes over in the spring) and I was able to watch it on my Tivo like any other TV show. But still, I’d be willing to pay for HD on Apple TV…


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Sports Center Edition

I’ve talked a number of times about John Wall, who’s become the hottest thing going in college hoops. Although it’s killing my personal SEO, that would be worth the price if he can deliver a show like this: