British Sci-Fi

For non-fanboys, Doctor Who is the story of a man who travels in a ship that is a police box (a blue phonebooth) on the outside but is larger on the inside. He travels through both space and time, leaving the writers all of the universe and history to draw stories from. Better yet, he has the ability to physically regenerate from fatal injury, giving the writers the ultimate flexibility of having a new actor take over the role every few years.

The show is nearing its 50th anniversary, it ran from 1963 to 1989, and known for great stories, but terrible special effects. It was revived in 2005 and has been done with top notch special effects and has been excellent viewing.

I have to give the BBC credit for finally running new episodes 1 day after they run in the UK. It’s kind of a running joke among US fans about getting the show off the torrents or other non-kosher means. The David Tennant finale aired this weekend (actor Matt Smith takes over in the spring) and I was able to watch it on my Tivo like any other TV show. But still, I’d be willing to pay for HD on Apple TV…


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I actually like the older ones better, though I have never watched a complete episode of the newer one, so that’s probably not fair of me to say. Tom Baker was my favorite Dr. and it’s hard for me to move past that.

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