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Google Releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines

A 160-page PDF document, aimed at helping Google Search Quality Raters understand how to rate the search results they are testing. Along with this resource we also discussed SEO by the Sea one of the best search blogs out there.

The Unreal Environment of a Trade Show Floor

David Spark talks about his new book Three Feet from Seven Figures! Bad behavior, ludicrous amounts of money and a compressed timeframe are problems for the “Always on” in the “unreal environment of a trade show floor”

Going Beyond Lead Scoring

So you’ve got a lead scoring system set up, what next? Infer lays out where this space is going and what to consider when you want to get beyond just a number.

Your Chance to Show Gratitude for the Holiday

Wondering how you can put a dent in the universe? The answer is so simple, an iTunes review for Marketing Over Coffee.



Daily Life

Project Update

Here’s what’s been going on and why I haven’t been posting here.

We are still barrelling along at EventHero. It is not easy, but we’ve had some big wins recently and this is the best team I’ve ever worked with. If we continue on our present course life could get a bit easier, like just “software startup difficult” not “flat out alchemy”. So if you have anything to do with events and need badges, lead retrieval, session tracking, or integration between event technology systems, please remember me.

Marketing Over Coffee continues to be a great project, even since Serial brought in a fresh wave of listeners things have been growing faster than ever before. Even if you are not into listening to podcasts, you might want to sign up for the MoC newsletter. The biggest topics from every show are sent out a couple times a month, all the goodness without having to listen. To be honest, that’s been the biggest killer of this blog, the newsletter gets 10x the readers and is backed by sponsors so that’s where my free time goes first.

On the audio gear front I decided back in the spring that I wanted some over the ear headphones for the office. My favorite Shure 530s died after many years of service and the new Bose QC20i is amazing for travel so I looked around for something new while at the desk. I was very impressed with the Sony 7506 as a huge value when you look and price and sound quality. Then I went a little further down the lunatic path – I’ve been modifying them, adding a removable cord so you can use them with your phone, or with a high quality boom mic. I’ve tested dozens of aftermarket ear pads. I’ve even set up an online store, if you’re interested in learning more about headphones that sound incredible because the money goes to the parts instead of to celebrity sponsorship check out Johnny Headphones!

That’s about it, that and two kids under 6, and my wife working the family business. The last big thing that has nothing to do with marketing was that we went to Frontier Days in Wyoming this summer. If you’ve never seen a grown man jump off a horse galloping at full speed to tackle a 700 lb. cow you really need to do that. Carin and I also went to three shows, catching Big & Rich, Toby Keith, and Keith Urban, basically a Country Music Super Bowl.

I am getting the year end wrap up in order, and if you are a marketer the nominations for the Marketing Over Coffee Awards will be open soon, and I’ll also be giving out some Johnny Headphones there too! I hope you have a great holiday season!