Daily Life

Radical Departure

Hello loyal readers, I’m glad you are still around considering the lack of posts. I’ve decided that this site will be getting a makeover soon. Since there’s marketing content every week over at Marketing Over Coffee I end up posting over here about more personal items so I’ll probably start using the JW5150 link to this site. The big question is: What has been going on? Where are the quarterly goals? Why is there a picture from a barn here?

We’ve rebooted for 2012. With 2011 ending on a very sad note January became interesting quickly as I was recruited over to Glance Networks. By this point we were already beginning the process of moving out of the Boston area. All of this came to bear in the first half of this year. I’ve been traveling with the new job, our house went on the market and sold in 3 days over asking price, we have moved to the farthest reaches of Western Massachusetts and did I mention that we have a baby on the way?

Like most plans, ours for 2012 did not survive the first contact with the enemy, but we are doing well overall. We are now a short distance to both sets of parents and they are excited to spend time with their grandson, we’ve jettisoned the life-sucking mortgage making college education a possibility, and there are horses in our back yard.

I’ve completed another round of edits on the book and am dying to kick it out the door for the last time. So that’s why you haven’t seen me around the virtual water cooler, the insanity of the past six months has paved the way for me to actually begin writing again on the weekends so I hope to see more of you around this space. I hope your summer is off to a good start and perhaps we can catch up at Tanglewood.