Live with Seth Godin

The past month has been insane. Thank you dear readers who keep this in your feed despite my spotty publishing schedule.

The good news is that I have been writing like crazy and after about 3 years of Saturday mornings at Starbucks or Tunnel City, the first draft of my book is complete. I hope to have it edited in less than 2 months, more on that as it goes.

I also did a session on 10 tricks to improve your photographs at Podcamp Boston 6 last weekend, you can get a PDF of the tips here.

Seth Godin was kind enough to talk with me about his new book, We Are All Weird last week. You can check it out on the latest Marketing Over Coffee.

There was also a Hurricane in there, Trade Show, some sick people, me breaking the side mirror off the Flex, watching Cars 65 times, new episodes of Dr. Who, some Red Sox games, the wheels falling off the Red Sox, DC Comics doing some crazy stuff, and a lot of work. I can’t forget my personal favorite – going to The Big E (a multi-state fair for those beyond New England) and hearing a marching band in the parade playing Cee Lo Green’s hit “F**k You” and most people not getting it, my wife laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe and was unable to explain why to her mother.