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The Book!

B2B Marketing Confessions is now available on Amazon!

From the promotional material:
What’s the Truth About Marketing? Contrary to the popular belief that marketing is advertising, listen to the confessions of an insider to learn how marketing affects every step of the customer life-cycle. From product design, to building awareness, selling, and keeping customers happy, this book covers all the basic principles and gives you tactics, tips and tricks to succeed (including best practices for!

With over 20 years in business I’ve seen many things: successes, failures, tragedies and flawless execution. The marketing profession changes so rapidly that every day is an adventure. Having learned many lessons from painful first hand experience I wanted to create something that would help those who are putting together their marketing strategy and tactics. My hope is that by confessing everything I’ve seen you’ll have a guidebook that can help you navigate the ever-changing seas, and increase your odds of success.

This book covers 4 key points:

  • The first 12 pages give you a basic understanding of Product Marketing
  • The next 115 cover demand generation including: blogs, email, lead scoring, search engine marketing, trade shows, direct mail, and basic PR
  • The intersection of sales and marketing covers 35 pages including how to eliminate cold calling and optimizing the sales cycles
  • The last 20 include customer retention and closing the loop on the customer lifecycle to improve demand generation and the sales process.

If you are tasked with leading the marketing efforts at a growing business or just want to understand how marketing has changed in the past 10 years, this guide is for you!

2016 Update: Samson, a listener of the audiobook edition, asked about the diagrams so I’ve added them here!

Salesforce Leads vs. Campaigns vs. Contacts vs. Accounts
Showing how record types overlap in


Some predictions on tactics agencies might take up by 2019. Some hits, some misses.


Results from a multi-variate, or Taguchi test, although calling it Taguchi seems to be less popular.