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SEO and Trade Show Tips


Just trying something new – this is the roundup of topics from Marketing Over Coffee. If you’d like to get these emailed to you, just subscribe here.

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Google Releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines

A 160-page PDF document, aimed at helping Google Search Quality Raters understand how to rate the search results they are testing. Along with this resource we also discussed SEO by the Sea one of the best search blogs out there.

The Unreal Environment of a Trade Show Floor

David Spark talks about his new book Three Feet from Seven Figures!┬áBad behavior, ludicrous amounts of money and a compressed timeframe are problems for the “Always on” in the “unreal environment of a trade show floor”

Going Beyond Lead Scoring

So you’ve got a lead scoring system set up, what next? Infer lays out where this space is going and what to consider when you want to get beyond just a number.

Your Chance to Show Gratitude for the Holiday

Wondering how you can put a dent in the universe? The answer is so simple, an iTunes review for Marketing Over Coffee.