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2009 Year in Review

Another year has passed and here’s my scorecard:

Overall a pretty good year, 80% of goal in raw numbers, although they aren’t really relevant here. I don’t show all the details to maintain my own privacy, but here’s a deeper look:

Family: Our family has grown by one and I did get to spend time with my relatives in both Michigan and California, and that’s everything I really wanted to do. There’s always more I could do here, but there’s only so much vacation time to go around.

Financial Goals: In spite of the recession, it was a pretty good year. The goals of aggressive savings, and better management of the portfolio and insurance were met, hitting 100%

Professional: My 5th year at work was a big one, and M Show productions continues to run at break even, meaning that I’m paying for my gadgets and getting to go to a few conferences. Another goal where 75% completed of what I planned at the start of the year is a huge win given the state of the economy.

Personal: This was where I fell short, although I’m happy with 50%. I was hoping to shoot more video, I did have some 4th quarter heroics getting a chance to really play with iMovie this month, and GH hooked me up huge with the new HD Flip cam, so that’s pretty cool. I was hoping to have the house painted, but other maintenance took precedence. This is one of those things where it pays to adjust your goals if possible – I got a zero percent for house painting but if I had updated it at mid-year to “maintenance projects” I could take 100%. I’m in the same shape I was at the start of 2009, I finished Falmouth, but one of my worst times. Give my home situation I’m happy just to be getting enough sleep to function and not being sick. I will again shoot at Falmouth, but 2010 Goals will be coming soon!

I hope your 2009 goals were met and wish you the best in 2010.

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