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Important Stuff – sort of

This is kind of a spring cleaning post – stuff that I have on my list to write about (which forces me to think about), but after review is cool but for whatever reason there’s not much to say beyond “check this out”.

Chrome OS – Google’s OS, the fact that you would log into any computer and if it was connected to the web it would be “your” machine. This makes you think differently, one thing I love is that it would choke out viruses quickly.

Chrome Extensions The one thing that kept me on Firefox was that Chrome didn’t have extensions (specifically my delicious tags). But now I’m thinking that if I install all the crap I have in firefox that suddenly chrome wouldn’t seem as blazingly fast anymore…

Sprint PremierOne of the most popular posts on this blog is Screw Your Customers where I bitched about strangers off the street getting better deals than loyal customers. Sprint Premier is great, if you are a heavy customer you get the new customer deals. You’d think everyone would do this, but they are the first people I’ve seen going the extra mile. Nice Job!

And with that I am back to paying bills and trying to get my tax stuff together… Have a good weekend!

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