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Welcome to the Show!

This ladies and gentlemen, is the first blog posting. Bizarre isn’t it? I’ve been podcasting for two years and this is my first time writing a blog. So it begs the question: Why now?

It’s actually very simple, as my network of friends in new media has grown I’ve found myself keeping up with everyone through their blog postings. I’m still getting the hang of WordPress, so there will be more to come as I climb the curve.

The intro: My name is John Wall and I live in Boston. I’m the Marketing Manager at a company called AccuRev that makes a software configuration management product (a tool for teams of software developers to use to organize their work). This is my 5th startup/small business and it’s been an interesting ride. My day often includes email campaigns, search engine strategy, web design,, and whatever else is on fire that day.

In my spare time I podcast The M Show, a 10 minute program of News, Talk and Entertainment.

That’s enough for today everyone… talk to you later…

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