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DRM and Getting Kicked Off the Island

Yesterday I was talking about DRM and the XBox 360 – basically you can download movies which self-destruct after a fixed time period. Ninja Penn commented about some tools out there that would (theoretically, I’m saying) allow you to get around that. Cracking DRM is stupid! Stay in School! Don’t do drugs!

Here’s the Brain Buster though – yes you can crack it, but if you get caught you can get kicked off XBox Live. Since it’s their proprietary hardware they can update their protection schemes every time the cat and mouse battle does another revolution. Yesterday’s cracks may set off the alarms tomorrow. The whole community is about building your gaming mojo – the more you win and the more games you complete the better your rank. Crack your box and you get kicked out of the community.

I’m not sure whether this is good or bad?

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