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Sunday Football, Editing and The M Show

So I’ve spent the entire weekend doing the final mix on a project I’ve been working on for David Scott. I’m very excited about it and looking forward to the roll out. All day editing audio and most of today getting the CDs master.

More to follow on that, but I’m off to enjoy some football, and I may still have enough in me to crank out the latest M Show. Addendum – this week’s show is terrible – if you are new to the show wait until next week…
In closing, and in fairness, I must say that this is the greatest ad ever done by a tech company.


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This was in no way your worst show – don’t forget pressing record at your family reunion last summer… now that was made for the editing floor! And I’m with Carin – Sears is not about service. Even at the new, separate Lands’ End store on State Street here in Chicago.



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