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As my lunch break winds to a close I couldn’t help gushing about scoring DVDs at Newbury Comics. On the playlist:

  1. Doctor Who – Season 2 – I will boldly claim this goes toe-to-toe with Galactica because it’s family friendly (but if I had to choose, of course it would be Galactica). Please don’t tell my wife – it was $75.
  2. 24 Season 6 Premier – the first 4 are available on DVD (yes, the ones that aired yesterday and the day before) for $9.99
  3. The had some special coupons that got me The Eagles, 2DVD live from Melbourne for $6.99
  4. Same deal, U2 Live from Slane Castle, $5.99

I almost picked up Ricky Gervais’ latest but I’ve got more than enough to watch with that…

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*putting Satan’s Pit on pause*
I ended up getting like $60 in gift certificates to Best Buy for the holidays and they have been on hold until yesterday when Dr. Who Season 2 (aka Season 28) came out. Girl in the Fireplace has to be the best episode ever and is probably the one I would recommend to non Dr. Who people as a great place to start. In the future, box sets like this are better to buy at Best Buy because they knock $10-20 off on the week of release. so you could have gotten it there for $70.

If you need a teasing of Torchwood (Dr. Who spin off that just finished up starring Cpt. Jack Harkness) let me know and I can see what I can do *wink wink* That one is definately darker and more adult in nature than The Oncoming Storm.

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