5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Just a few from my list that I hold in high regard:

365 Tao – God forbid, I actually take five minutes to put down the machine gun and reflect. (FEED)
The Ethicist – Around 5 minutes, always good for a laugh (FEED) you can also get David Pogue there.
On Digital Media – This has pushed other marketing casts out of my queue (FEED)
On the Record Online – I had heard Eric on FIR but only checked out his show recently – fantastic guests. (FEED)
Steve Wright – Ask Elvis – another short one for a laugh that easily fits in (FEED)
Please share any casts you feel are undervalued…

9 replies on “5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To”

LOL, are you kidding? 5 is the new 10… I’m thinking about my top 10 overrated but nothing good could come of that…

Mike – you are right on with The Onion, that and their site is a winner.

Glad there are other On Digital Media fans out there– everytime I get an episdoe over my myPodder subsrcition list I say “#$%#@%! an hour?” but I wlaways listen.

As for OTRO: Eric Schwartzmann is the James Lipton of PR podcasters.

LOL, Lipton is a good observation. I was just listening to the interview with Tony last week – I hadn’t occurred to me that those guys would be linked through Miller or whatever it was called back then….

I was listening to some of the latest episode with Julian Meyers, the old entertainment PR guy, and the Lipton thought just came to me, so funny…

Yup, Tony (Sapienza, of Topaz Partners) is an old Miller guy, but I didn’t realize that’s where he knew Eric.

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