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Sell your Google, here comes Wikipedia

Remember when Yahoo ruled the world? How long ago was that? 7 years?

In the past 2 months I’ve seen some interesting signs that Wikipedia is on a tear like we’ve never seen. I monitor 7 major keywords that I want to score on and since Q4 2006 wikipedia is on page one for all of these terms.

It’s also a major referrer for all of my sites. In 2 months.
So the question is: Will Google shut off the oxygen? Or is it already too late?

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NoFollow is only as relevant as the search engines themselves. Wikipedia’s use of nofollow actually strengthens its position with NoFollow by breaking two way relationships to external sites. All rank in any kind of Eigenvector centrality measure is based on who links to who. By turning on NoFollow, Wikipedia essentially cements itself as the trusted authority on everything.

The real question is this: do you believe in the wisdom of the crowd? If so, Wikipedia will dominate for some time. If not, it will self destruct some how.

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