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Viral Video Experiment Continues

I have been working on the customer newsletter. Not exactly exciting stuff. Gather the articles, see what people think, send it out. So – an update on the viral video. Episode one now has over 2,400 views. Not shocking by YouTube standards but incredible when you think that the leading e-zine in the space has around 40k readers.

There was some question on how to deal with comments. I had initially replied, outing a 42 year old man who was trying to be street by spelling tough “tuff”. The opinion was that we did not need to be defensive, the video speaks for itself. In hindsight I think this is the right thing to do. My first instinct was to follow the “mean streets” blogosphere and immediately call the comments for what they were – vested parties trying to look neutral (who out there is surfing for videos on software configuration managment besides insiders?).

The silent method has been funny though, watching people work hard to criticize and remain neutral, when a Google search reveals their true identity. We know we have buzz when major players at other vendors are watching it so we must be doing something right…

For those who are up for some SCM humor, part 2…


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