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SEO is Dead

Bryper threw a question to the CAPOW group about Google serving up different search results pages depending on whether or not a use is logged in. Is this a problem for companies that you pay to get you to score well in Google?
I had a related discussion at the MIT event last week – I’ve heard from many people that are using Search Engine Optimization services that it is common to plateau – you get the advantage of all the tricks the vendor has but then that’s it, you move no further. I’ve even heard of others who have ridden this curve two or three times.

Another thing that concerns me is that as search algorithms continue to get more sophisticated (such as identifying common phrases as opposed to indivdual words), copy writing is now more critical than everand something you can’t farm out to an agency who is unable to write about your business in its own language.

I’m willing to ride the plateau as long as possible but I have the feeling that the days of easy money as an SEO specialist may be fading into the horizon. Just like all the web designers of the bubble, or the day-traders of the early 90’s, the day of reckoning is on its way.