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Zen and Gadget Jones

I’ve been itching to upgrade my phone, I have a Treo 600 and there’s so much more cool stuff if I were to go to the 700. The problem is that I have been thinking all week about something I read from the Dalai Lama (who has a rockin’ website by the way, but no RSS or podcasts that I could find) – pleasure is not happiness. Yes, I would enjoy the upgrade, but I already have a bunch of features that I never use. I would get the consumer’s rush but that would probably fade within a week.

Unless I also installed the 24 ringtone…

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I tried for 18 months to get the 24 ring tone on my (office) phone back in the UK. No dice.

If anyone finds a way to get the 24 tone to be my email notifier in outlook, please let me know!


Ed – I think I’ve got the hook up for you…

Mike – Don’t even get me started on leaving Verizon, I’ll switch to cans and string before they get a dollar from me.

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