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iTunes Sorting and The M Show

Normally this would be my normal Sunday plug for the latest M Show (go listen to it, or better yet – subscribe!), but while tagging the file I found something cool in the newest version of iTunes.

You can now create separate tags such as Artist and Album for sorting in iTunes. You need to be a bit of a compulsive freak or have a huge music library to have seen the need for this (I’ll leave the judgement on me to your discretion). Let’s say you have your favorite artist’s new album and you rip it to iTunes. Then you’re searching by artist and you pull up the album and, Lo and behold, 3 tracks are missing. This often happens if the missing tracks are duets or have a famous backup singer, while you are searching under “Lawrence Welk” the track is actually buried under “The Lemon Sisters and Lawrence Welk”.

I used to just dump the second artist (in many cases I had no idea who the hell they were anyway), but now for those tracks with two famous artists you can choose which one you want to file the track under. Or, for the compulsive, have it in the library twice, once under each artist and still have it show as “The Lemon Sisters and Lawrence Welk”.

Happy Sorting!

One reply on “iTunes Sorting and The M Show”

Can you whip up a little video showing this? The functionality you describe is something that I thought was already in iTunes for quite some time. Then again, I am pushing 8710 songs in the database so there is very little in iTunes I am not aware of and some things I keep asking for. (aka Bloatware!)

Oh and if you are hooked on Gutar Hero (and you should be) head over to Pirate Bay and do a search on “Guitar Hero” someone out there collected together all the original music tracks from the game into the “Unofficial GH2 SOundtrack” whcih is well worth a listen if you are from “our generation” *chuckles*

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