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Blizzard of Snow and Paperwork

Today was one of those days where I had no events running so I was able to try and tame the paper snowbanks that had built up around my desk. I have a bad habit from a prior startup of just throwing invoices in the trash until I get a personal call or notice. Every day I say a prayer of thanks that I’m no longer in an environment like that (and of course M Show Productions, LLC pays bills realtime thanks to the miracle of PayPal and the internets).

My drive home was a disaster, snow has been falling since lunch, and unfortunately my new Garmin died on me this week so I had to ship it back for repairs. I think that BJ’s actually sold me a unit that had been returned b/c there were already some locations loaded on it. I’ve returned a bunch of stuff to BJ’s though so I thought I would cut them some slack, and it has worked fine for a month so I don’t think it has anything to do with that.

Obviously I’m rambling here after a busy week at work, have a good weekend!


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