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Messaging goes beyond what you write

“Stay on message” or “What is our messaging” are tired old marketing phrases. Spending a lot of time crafting the first paragraph of your boilerplate company description, or for your website or press release is boring stuff. I’ve been thinking more about Jordan’s Furniture and other experiences that make me want to buy one thing over another.

I stick to a high protein diet because my body doesn’t seem to handle processed flour or sugar very well. As a result I tend to get tired of eggs for breakfast 7 days a week and have a protein shake instead. I was at the local nutrition store and they were out of the magic powder I normally buy. The guy working there said I should try another brand since the one I buy is from a company that does more marketing than research and they don’t have the best reputation.

On a side note – here’s a missed opportunity. I asked if they had samples of other products and he said no, but there was a money back guarantee. Like I’m going to buy some 5-gallon pail and take the time to drive it back to the mall if it tastes like oatmeal sludge. If they just had one open and I could give it a try, I could be riding another brand now.

The young man looked like he was student-aged and I would say of average build (except now it seems that means 15 lbs. overweight), as in pretty good shape. This was at lunch near work and there’s a similar store near my home (run by a different company though). I found the massive container I needed of my fave and went up to the register. The dude working here was about 6 ft. and probably around 220lbs, and could easily crush a monkey skull with his bare hands (i.e. jacked). He asked how I liked the Syntha6 and I said it tasted good. He said he really likes the products from that company and he’d have to try it. I’m no longer concerned if I’m with the right product.

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