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M Show Receives A-List Nomination Paperwork

I got a package in the mail from Jason Calacanis asking me to fill out the application for the A-List. It’s pretty straightforward, you send them $1,095 and that gets things rolling. If you blog daily for 3 years at the end of your probation they flip a switch and you get your choice of a job at Edelman, Crayon or Sequoia plus a guaranteed 250k visitors per month.

Plus once you’re in the circle you get stuff like cars, houses, laptops, etc. for free (as long as you blog about them of course).

They have a special meeting annually where they talk about and laugh at the D-Listers who wreck blogger meetups just by showing up and they also review the B-List to see who’s eligible to get off the farm team. I think Chris Pirillo (dude, THIS is funny) has something to do with it because it’s codenamed Smurfdex. Obviously I’m ecstatic about the chance at the big show, don’t worry, I won’t forget all the little people. I’d promise to blog all about it if/when I make it, but of course the first rule of A-List is “Never talk about A-List”.

Ok, that’s the best I’ve got for you for April Fools. There’s some other funny stuff (better than my lame attempt) such as Seth Godin’s Captain Danger Stunt Monkey Baby Chute (I need to do a radio spot for that), Google hits twice with Toilet based WiFi, and GMail Paper services. Please feel free to add links to any other good pranks in your comments.

And it’s Sunday, that means a new episode of the Best Business Podcast, The M Show, including an interview with the Author of The Strategy Paradox. This week’s show is out early because we may be putting an offer in on a home today. More to follow…

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