Most Podcasts are Trash

Actually, rubbish was the term used (do check it out), but I like trash better because after all – one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Michael O’Connor Clarke is right on the mark as far as producers being overwhelmed by the coolness factor. However I would challenge him to podcast for 2 months and try to resist the temptation to not get completely wrapped up in microphones and other obscure audio topics.

This is not big media, some podcasts are only meant for a small circle of friends and will never get the commercial success of such culturally enriching products such as American Idol, or Pop Radio.

So the big question is finding the treasure among the trash – of course everyone’s welcome to check out The M Show, and better yet, go there and subscribe to the Gigadial channels so you can get a sampling of quality casts like TedTalks, Deloitte, and audio engineering (but it is open to the public so I’ll admit there’s some trash there). Better yet, set up your own channel so you can help spread the good stuff.

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Heh. Thanks John. I’ve had so many people throwing down the gauntlet that I guess it’s becoming almost inevitable – I’m just going to have to start my own podcast.

Ah, but what would I call it…?

“Petard” perhaps (as I’m bound to be hoist with it). Or “I’m probably wrong…”


Michael says “…I think it’s time for many podcasters to get over themselves, stop prattling on about the wonders of the medium, get outside the echo chamber, and settle in to providing some better reasons to subscribe and listen”.

Seems like he’s not listened to many how can he be so spot on?

I agree with most of the article..I have listened to many shows and unsubscribed to just as many because the show is about the show, as opposed to info and opinions I can’t get elsewhere.

He also states: “If you were to strip out all the extraneous self-serving layers — the kissyfest “love the show” comments from loyal listeners, and the hosts’ obsequious thanks and “shout outs” to their buddies in the podosphere — most of the shows I’ve just been listening to would collapse down to perhaps ten minutes of truly useful content.”

Again…pretty spot on.

I would suggest he does start his own podcast..just for perspective.

However it is good to hear a new listeners perspective.


Thanks Franklin – good to read such validation from another listener.

Your comment about unsubscribing because “the show is about the show” is perhaps the most succinct expression of the problem I’ve come across.

One thing I failed to explain is that I am, in truth, something of a podcast addict. If anything, I’m subscribed to rather too many podcasts – which may go some way to account for the sudden overflow of cynicism. Perhaps I’ve just pigged out too richly at the Podcast Alley buffet 🙂

I can understand that, I have weeded a large number of casts off the playlist. Enough with the crapola ones, what else do you think is still worth listening to?

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