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Most Podcasts are Trash

Actually, rubbish was the term used (do check it out), but I like trash better because after all – one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Michael O’Connor Clarke is right on the mark as far as producers being overwhelmed by the coolness factor. However I would challenge him to podcast for 2 months and try to resist the temptation to not get completely wrapped up in microphones and other obscure audio topics.

This is not big media, some podcasts are only meant for a small circle of friends and will never get the commercial success of such culturally enriching products such as American Idol, or Pop Radio.

So the big question is finding the treasure among the trash – of course everyone’s welcome to check out The M Show, and better yet, go there and subscribe to the Gigadial channels so you can get a sampling of quality casts like TedTalks, Deloitte, and audio engineering (but it is open to the public so I’ll admit there’s some trash there). Better yet, set up your own channel so you can help spread the good stuff.