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Pro-Live Blogging – Just get the URL right.

There’s been some chatter today and yesterday about live blogging at conferences. I jumped on with this post from Allan Jenkins.

If you’re giving a presentation and you can’t make it compelling enough for people to pay attention, the last thing you should be doing is complaining about the attendees. Or better yet – the audience is your customer and you’d rather stifle their word of mouth until you finish your sermon on the mount? Obviously I’m an irritating snot.
The trend I’ve seen has tables and outlet strips in the front rows so the laptops can grind away. If you want to see the future go to any college campus or conference like Gnomedex to see laptops up and running at every station.

Live blogging is a great substitute for keeping readers in the loop who couldn’t go to the event.

I make no bones about doing it for points, reporters are always looking for a scoop, bloggers who want to be seen as cutting edge would be no different.

A good presenter has to keep the majority of the audience on track, if that audience is from 25-60 years old there’s going to be differing degrees of multi-tasking going on. If you’re pitching to the median there’s always going to be some people with free bandwidth who are not going to miss the point of the show.

Why is it so hard to resist blogging about blogging?

p.s. – 1992 called and they want their Moleskine back…

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