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Saturday at Williams

The Coffee Shop is Open As my cold begins to fade away I’m able to catch up on work. I’ve spent a good chunk of the day here at a coffee shop in Williamstown, MA. The weather has been perfect after what feels like 37 straight months of rain, cold and darkness. Life in a college town is always a bit brighter than the rest of the world. The tennis team was up early at the cafe and as I fired up my iTunes I was overrun with shared music libraries. And this being Williamstown I not only can sample some of my unknown benefactor Kathleen’s music, which is more than a decade ahead of me, better yet there’s the Richard P. Feynman lectures… Just when I thought I had run out of cool stuff to listen to.
On the marketing front I’ve picked up a bunch of cool content and uses for RSS that will roll out over the next couple of weeks. But that’s all for now, I’m going back out into the sunshine. -J

One other thing – my Pro-Live blogging post vanished for a day, I noticed that I had a trackback address wrong and when I corrected it I think I switched it to “Private”, much to my chagrin. It’s back, but alas, no comment, no controversy.

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