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Bad day?

Have you ever had a day where you just can’t pull it together? Like my yesterday. The 9-5 was fine, but I was going to a meeting that night and it was one of those deals where everything went wrong. I thought I would try Route 2 instead of 95 and that meant 30 minutes lost waiting to get through a traffic light. That meant showing up late (but fortunately not late enough to look bad).

Here’s another bizarre problem. The office I work in is always 60 degrees or less. Even in the dead of summer there are people wearing sweaters and using space heaters. Have you ever seen the pictures of Shackelton’s South Pole Expedition? These guys were in the cold so long that when it “got up to 20 degrees” they’d be outside with no shirts on playing football.

I’ve become one of those guys. Put me in a room at 70 degrees with a golf shirt and I start to sweat.

Thankfully I was able to shotgun 2 ice cold sodas so I didn’t look like a freak, which was great because by luck of the draw I got to sit next to a guy who sold some software to Microsoft. You may have heard of it – Internet Explorer?

But the good news is, I got to meet some great people working on very cool stuff. And I’ve got a line on one of those astronaut suits to keep my temperature down outside the office. That will make me look cool.

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