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Eric, Sam and Jason

Eric Schwartzman, Sam Whitmore and Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis delivered a great lunch keynote today. I enjoy the mix of straight talk mixed and the understanding of showmanship. I had a brain buster today when everything snapped into focus – he mentioned that you should keep watching his blog for something big regarding the death of SEO. If you read his stuff there’s been a ongoing thread about SEO being legitimate business or just another shady tactic like junk bond arbitrage and tax evasion. So perhaps something big is coming and guess who’s had a corner on the best SEO chatter (Google juice anyone?) for the past 3 months?

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I never use any SEO for my own blog empire. Status update channels, rich, relevant, frequently updated content, and cross-linking w/InterPlaNet downlink sumps will do the traffic and paid conversion trick.

Everyone knows that SEO is a poor substitute for networking, comment posting, neologism spawning, clinking, distributed social meshing, and VPN miracle straddlings.

Sorry, rube here … Vaspers lost me.

>Status update channels
is this just RSS?

>rich, relevant, frequently updated content
OK, got this one

>cross-linking w/InterPlaNet downlink sumps?
no clue here

>neologism spawning
Had to look this up – so this is making up new buzz words?

Clique + linking = “clinking.” Had to look this up too.

>distributed social meshing
I can make a good guess, but why look silly?

>VPN miracle straddlings
I get the VPN part.

>Status update channels zip you right to the top?

>And John: Twitter swapping out with tinyurls you still get the google juice
Not using Twitter yet, and didn’t know Google even went there?


Yes, but I don’t accept an interface at face value, without devising my own workarounds or hackings.

For example, when I feel it’s important for credibility or promotions to make the actual URL visible, I will not pass it thru tinyURL, and will take steps to ensure it is not converted by Twitter into a tinyURL.

When I wish a long link to be smaller, I myself convert it via tinyURL prior to entering my message.

If a URL is long, and I want the real web address to be visible, I may message only the URL, and not any commentary or intro text.

I have many non-SEO tricks to boost Google SE results, and they are all obvious if one just experiments and ponders a wee bit.


Loving the comments today… I don’t know how Vaspers found the party, but buy that man a drink.

Ok, let’s see…

Status update channels – sounds like twitter, jaiku, etc.

cross-linking w/InterPlaNet downlink sumps – neologism spawning IN ACTION. Adding everyone worth a damn to your blog roll and link baiting but coming up with great stuff to drive traffic to the whole mess?

distributed social meshing – all the goodness of link farming, but using your peer network rather than scraped crap?

VPN miracle straddlings – beyond my jedi skillz, time to call in Dr. Penn.

Word on the street is The Google luvz The Twitter.

Defeating twitter auto URL via API? Gettin’ all Macguyver on them…

Excellent! Lots of stuff to experiment with this week.

Big thanks you John for the answers.

I guess I’m just a humble “weed” in the comment garden here for the mighty VtG.

So what kind of “juice” does the mighty “psychedelic trash talking” VtG bring to this party?

Is the VtG really a “wiggley worm” with a Rank: # 18094 in the TTLB ecosystem. And averages 56 visits a day? Huh?

Seems a little light weight for a high powered, “hardcore blogger, blogocombat expert,” who’s been blogging since 2004?

(trashtalk) Is this a case of “big hat no cattle?” (/trashtalk)

Anyway, my little blog (which I don’t care to ID and is so far removed from this topic) is merely one of the “Crunchy Crustaceans” and is only
averaging 1475 visits a day. Down from over 2000/day – hitting a big topic lull. And I’m asking VtG questions? That’s too funny.

Extremely focused frequent content beats widgets and gimmicks any day of the week. And yes, “clinking” now that I know what it is called works, especially if can get lucky and catch a rising star in your ‘clink.’

I’m a big Calacanis fan, but haven’t been following him much lately. Thanks for the heads up on “something big regarding the death of SEO.”

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