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The conference wraps up today and I have a dilemma. I really want to go over to Universal Studios to hang out but I looked over the agenda and there are no sessions that I can say “That’s a good one to skip”. That’s the best endorsement I can give for any conference. Hopefully we’ll stick to the timeline and wrap before 4pm so I can get myself a fake plastic Oscar for my desk.

The other related important stuff: I got to check out SkyBar. I need to pick up a striped collared shirt that I can leave untucked, and some better jeans.

Mike Tyson was having dinner there. There are a lot of critics out there but to me he’s still the young guy that went on an undefeated tear years ago that was incredible to watch.

Mr. Penn and I still cranked out a Marketing Over Coffee via Skype, looking forward to getting back to Studio DD next week.

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