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24 on iTunes Finished, Now Addicted to Heroes


So I just finished the last episode of 24. I’ve been getting them on iTunes and then setting my iPod on the treadmill rack at the gym to make the time go by faster. It’s been almost perfect, all I need is a bigger screen. I’ve got my fingers crossed that there will be a widescreen iPod announced at the developer’s conference next month – what a perfect birthday present for me. I’d get a PSP but having to transcode video is just not worth the time, and I prefer to stay legal.

I thought I’d have one more week of 24 but they did a 2 hour finale, which was very good overall, but I thought the last 10 minutes were a little strange. Hollywood Steve tells me next season is supposed to be a radical departure from everything before this.

Steve Garfield scored some cool info on upcoming series including a new Bionic Woman. As a card-carrying member of the shrine of Steve Austin, you know that I am in.

I’m also addicted to Heroes, having watched the first 6 episodes during my travel last week (what better to do on a plane, especially with the second leg delayed 3 hours). Enough with the guilty pleasure of TV, we’ll have to get back to some marketing tomorrow (or get your Marketing Over Coffee today).

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I’ve been addicted to Fall TV Previews since the old TV Guide used to come out with those issues. Fun stuff.

The Cavemen look somewhat disappointingly and I wish the guys from the commercials could have participated in the TV show.

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