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Nike’s Coach Bob is Leading the Pack

I usually save gushing about Nike for the podcast, but I was reading Coach Bob today and it just blows me away how good this blog is. If anyone thinks that conversational media won’t become mainstream, you really need to sit down with Coach Bob. I can almost smell the track when I read his column, and as soon as it pops up in my newsreader I go straight to it.

Call me a fanboy, but Nike+ is the coolest thing that has happened to running in the past 10 years. The worst part of this is I can see the potential and I’m just sitting around waiting for the brains at Nike and Apple to put it together. I really want to use it on my full size iPod b/c I like to watch “Heroes” on the treadmill (I’m confident enough to go to the gym before my morning shower, but to look like a slob AND have 2 iPods running at the same time seems too dorky for even me).

I have no doubt there’s a heart rate monitor right around the corner for it, and how cool is that? Your song fades out a bit and Lance Armstrong tells you you’re slacking and better turn it up a notch. GPS is asking a lot at that form factor, but I’d pay extra for that too – completely accurate distance stats.

Enough with the gushing, I’ve got to get back to work, but some cool stories brewing…