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The next level in gaming

With the holiday next week I was setting up my calendar for the week after that and found that the next WebInno meeting is coming up that Monday, July 9th. If you want to see what’s going on at the cutting edge of internet technology in Boston these meetups are required viewing. Just sign up on the wiki and show up to watch the presenters give a short demo, and check out the other presenters around the room and mingle at one of the better Tech who’s-who in Boston. I’ll be there and have managed to convince some other Boston bloggers and podcasters to show up so swing by if you’d like to grab a drink.

One of the presenters for next week – Digitalbrix has an interesting value prop – a SaaS offering that allows users to build simple games with out writing code like javascript, flash, etc. I’m very interested in checking this out some more, anyone that has done any web marketing has had a point where someone on high gets the itch to try and create a Flash based game.

David Beisel (the webinno organizer) connected me to Naveena Swamy, a founder at Digitalbrix and I had a chance to chat with her for a few minutes about what they are working on. Casual gaming is a huge market so there weren’t many surprises about the growth potential there, but there were two things that stretched my brain a bit. One was that I mentioned that this would be a powerful tool, and she said that a more important point was that it allowed greater collaboration. With a more powerful tool there’s now less friction between the artist, game concept designer etc. This can be expanded to include everyone playing the games which then generates an entire community.

The thing that resonated even more with me was the ability to use a system like this for prototyping. I can see this as a huge value in designing marketing campaigns. Rather than pick a vendor out of a hat and throw them $10,000 for one campaign, put together 4 or 5 concepts to test before making a final decision. That changes the game completely. Now where am I going to find some free time to play around with this myself?

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Thanks twice in one post. I think that technology is pretty cool, and secondly, I haven’t gone to the last few WebInno meetings, and I’m marking my calendar for July 9th. Thanks, superstar. : )

Your Blog on Digital Brix is right on, IMHO. I’ve been following DB for nearly a year and the progress they have made during the past year is just awesome. What they may not have made clear is that there is an “enterprise level” of GameBoss (GBoss) for serious game developers who can/will upload new functionality coded in Action Script or PHP and eventually Java and C++. Not a huge deal from the revenue standpoint, but IS a huge deal for the serious developer. Their confidential technology roadmap going forward is ambitious, so “you ain’t seen nothing yet” applies to this one.

Yeah, my jaw dropped when I saw GBoss. The only problem was that I think most of the people at WebInno had no idea what the hell they were looking at – sort of like showing an artificial heart to a caveman. If only I had some spare time to play around with it.

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