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Dark and Stormy

I was out in LA a few months back and Hollywood Steve hooked me up with a great summer drink – the Dark and Stormy. You get the spiciest Ginger Beer you can find and add a shot of Dark Rum and a wedge of lime.

The only problem is, like many drinks I have while out and about, I’ve had trouble recreating it. I first tried Reed’s Ginger Beer and that didn’t cut it. I also tried The Ginger People and that was much better. I have yet to try Barritt’s which, along with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum®, is supposed to be the official thing. I submitted a question via their website about where to buy their product in the states and got a message back from Bruce Barritt, that impressed me a lot.

So, drinking aside, I also finished the Harry Potter book and posted the latest M Show for the faithful listeners. Now back to work.

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