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Friday Night Fights, Round 2!

So I got lucky in round one, when checking out everyone’s posts it looked like free for all fighting, but after hearing from Bahlactus, the lead promoter himself, he’s going for more of a true boxing Friday night thing, making my HUGE metallic molar-rattling cross hit right on target.

I really had fun digging in and checking out all the writers out there, it’s great to find some people going beyond Wizard talking about what is big this week and can dig back deep into the archives to find stuff that’s STILL 25 CENTS! or even further back.

I’ve got a $5 starbucks card for the first comment that can tell me what happened to Daxam during the Great Darkness Saga.

Enough running my jaws, let’s rumble. Last week I got a kick of seeing Cap vs. Cap, shield to shield (which I can’t find now, link anyone?) and that reminded me of Peter David’s fantastic “Future Imperfect” (done with Perez I think?). Hulk is taking the shield slinging to the next level:

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Hmmmm… if memory serves correctly, Darkseid turned Daxam’s sun yellow, which gave all the Daxamites Mon-El level powers. He used the Daxamites to attack the Legion. Something like that.

I’ll take a venti iced coffee, no sweetener and no room, FTW. 🙂

Well, I was about half right.

Darkseid actually performed a little planet swap, switching Daxam with Apokolips, whcih gave Daxam the benefits of Apokolips’ yellow sun. With his control exerted over the Daxamites, he had them reshape Daxam in his image… literally. The planet ended up looking like a big Darkseid head when he was through.

Best. Legion. Story. Ever.

Winnah! Yes, carving the planet is the killer part. And yeah, I agree with best ever, there was a single issue with Computo that rocked but the saga spread out nicely over a number of months.

Wow. We must share the same mind. The Computo story is a near second. May go down in the my personal history as the best annual ever. That and Uncanny X-Men Annual #3, where they fight Arkon… with awesome art by that George Perez fella.

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