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BlogDay, August 31: 5 blogs to check out

Doug tagged me for BlogDay, so here goes:

Blog Day 2007First, the rules established by Jeff:

1. List five Blogs that you find interesting and if you can tell, include the city/country where they are from.
2. Identify five Bloggers to tag to join in this game with you. I recommend emailing the bloggers you tag to give them a heads up of you tagging them.
3. Use the tag: BlogDay2007 in your blog post.
4. (Optionally): Contact the owners of the blogs you shared as your “blogs to take a look at.”

A Lotta People Don’t Know That – This guy blogs about the idiot in the cube next to him

Retro-Remixes – 80’s tunes you can’t find

Mike Champion – My arch enemy, I am forced to track his every move

All Eyes on Jenny – With Sex and the City no longer on HBO, at least there’s something good to read, and it’s even real.

DS Fanboy – Nerd Alert.

The reading lists I want to see (I tag you) – Dr. Penn, Mike, Jenny, Barbara, and Clarence

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