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Now in HD DVD!

My HD DVD drive arrived today. Here’s a deal where you can get 5 free movies when you buy one. The player was about $160 thanks to NewEgg and a secret code from my new favorite shopping promotional code site. I figure that I should be able to unload at least 3 of the movies on Amazon (King Kong came with the player making it a total of 6 movies), so that means I’m upgrading for about $100.

The other cool thing is that Netflix automatically updates my queue so that we will be sent HD DVDs if they are available at no extra charge.

It’s funny, it does look really good, but you don’t really notice it until you go back to a regular DVD and are thinking “Why is this picture so crappy?”. I’ve heard Hot Fuzz is actually a very good HD DVD and I’m looking forward to checking out some concerts. And speaking of concerts, let me get all 80’s on you and brag about the return of Van Halen.