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You better smell what the Wall is cookin’

So I had a good news/bad news thing happen today. A competitor came out with a webinar campaign that is a dead copy for one that we did about 3 months ago. They’re using an analyst we’ve used in the past, a topic we have done multiple webinars on with the same title, and better yet they are even picking on the king of the hill (codename: Large Azure, aka HAL), a strategy we started and now they want to get on our bandwagon.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and yet my first instinct is to rent a billboard across the street from their home office with an obnoxious message on it – perhaps something about turning it sideways, or better yet send over a tray of Ex-Lax brownies (never mind I said that, I wouldn’t do that).

The second instinct was to put them in the crosshairs, but they work with some open source stuff and as soon as you pick on that all these tree-hugging freaks and eastern bloc terrorists start trying to bring down your severs, and the people that go that route tend to not have budget anyway, so that’s pointless.

So I just have to laugh and say mission accomplished, the bar has been raised so now it’s time to turn it up another notch, just when things seemed to be getting rock solid. I say “My stuff” but it’s really the work of the whole group, I just take it rather personally, but I know they do too, they just don’t want to be associated with my brownie campaign.

But it’s no problem, I have no doubt we will be able to serve up another hot, fresh, piping serving of “shut the hell up”, that they’ll try to copy 5 months later.

Editor’s note: time to switch to decaf.

Editor’s note 2: For more info on the greatest wrestler since Hulk Hogan, click here.

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