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Timex iPod combo

I haven’t written about it here before, but I am huge fan of Timex. I do love watches and at one point was considering a Rolex, and I noticed a similar Timex that was about $2,000 less, did not need to be cleaned every year, had an indiglo face that allowed me to see it in the dark, and I wouldn’t have chest pain if it was lost, crushed, destroyed etc. (like my $300 Revo Sunglasses that are somewhere in Davey Jones’ Locker).

Once you can see beyond the marketing of expensive watches you’ll feel liberated…

Anyway, I got an email from them (they do great campaigns, I get to see the new stuff and get discount codes) and they have an Ironman that interfaces with the iPod. It’s pretty cool (but I’m waiting for the Nike one that will also integrate with the shoe sensor).

An important point though – the Nike+ only works with the Nano, the Timex works with most (all) of the different model iPods. I wonder what the range on it is?

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