Quincy Jones

This morning on my way into work I listened to Podcast 411. The host, Rob Walch, interviews Quincy Jones. When I saw it downloading in iTunes I thought “It can’t be THAT Quincy Jones, as in THE Quincy Jones“. But it is, and it is fantastic. Not only is he fun to listen to but he’s also uplifting and motivating.

“The melody is the only thing that comes straight from God” – Quincy Jones

I laughed at number of the stories, and overall I found it funny because, like any story told by someone over 50 years old they tend to run off in more than one direction. But unlike your crazy uncle Stan, whose stories run from Aunt Petunia, to the dog food factory in Kansas, to the time they met some baseball player you never heard of, Mr. Jones’ stories run from Miles Davis to Frank Sinatra, to Paul McCartney, around Michael Jackson, with the occasional world leader thrown in along with enough Grammys to fill a small pickup truck.

If any part of the music Quincy Jones has done is a favorite of yours, go check it out now.

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