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Stuff That’s Bugging Me

People that think links or Twitter summaries are blog posts that anyone reads.

Or gives a crap about for that matter.

The kids in my neighborhood that yell out of car windows.

The fear of what I would do to them if I had an opportunity.

But, whenever those kinds of things get out of hand, there’s always something like the Rocky Run to Benefit Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Good triumphs over evil. The Sox win. I sleep well for another night, ready to face tomorrow, faith in humanity restored.

For a less cranky John, check out the best marketing podcast, Marketing Over Coffee, which has a very funny closing this week.

4 replies on “Stuff That’s Bugging Me”

Thank you for bringing up Link and Twitter posts. They are the suck!

And of course I can’t post my wiseass comment w/out feeling guilty about not having gone to the CHoP site yet. Off I go…

Sure, for example: my friend John does great work but he just took a new job so he’s not writing original stuff, just posting links:

There are plugins that do that automatically from your delicious posts so there’s really no work being done. Of course I would much rather John make tons of cash at his new job rather than spend time entertaining me for free.

CC on the other hand, is always writing stuff I like to read, so I feel like I pulled a licorice jelly belly out of the bag when this shows up in the reader:

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