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Fondant and the Power Washer


I am in Williamstown for my Father-in-Law’s 70th birthday party. It’s been a fun day. I got to use the power washer on all kinds of things and the lovely Carin was preparing fondant for the birthday cake. I came to the conclusion that fondant is much like experimental jazz. Those who excel at their craft (be it baking or music) play with it because it’s hip, yet the general public isn’t interested in consuming either.

But who am I to criticize such things?

Just kidding, I am the guy who makes fun of those things. Fondant is like spackle for cake for the love of god!

Aside from that we took advantage of being out of the big city and went up into the cornfield at the end of the day to pick our own corn near Mt. Greylock, where I took this picture. More shots on Flickr when I get home to upload.

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For those of you who like myself do not use baking terms=

fon·dant /ˈfÉ’ndÉ™nt; Fr. fɔ̃ˈdɑ̃/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[fon-duhnt; Fr. fawn-dahn]

1. a thick, creamy sugar paste, the basis of many candies.
2. a candy made of this paste.
[Origin: 1875–80;

Thank you, it’s silly of me to take that for granted. It’s as if you crossed frosting and a sheet of leather. Bakers like it because they can make it look super smooth, but I think it tastes like styrofoam.

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