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Thanks for staying around during a slower week, I’m into a groove now where I can write at home at night, save it and post when I have access to the tubes of the internets when I get to work.

A discussion today got me thinking more about branding. There has been much written about the fact that classic advertising and branding is only applicable to the Fortune 500, and that everyone else is usually pouring money down the drain. I’m thinking that by treating your advertising more as lead generation (have a call to action to track it, test brand messaging that has impact) you can get your money’s worth out of it. I really need to dig in deeper on advertising strategies, anybody up for chatting on Marketing Over Coffee?

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It’s pretty funny, we only moved about 5 blocks away so I left the wireless router at the old apartment. I do all of my work then drive over to the old place pull into the driveway and do all my file transfers and updates, then go back home to bed.

I can get around 40kbps by using my cellphone as a modem so that works in a pinch, but I still have tons of boxes to empty so it doesn’t really matter (and the Xbox and Apple TV are running so I’m good there).

I didn’t see you at Tech Cocktail, I bailed around 8:30, did you find it worthwhile?

Yeah, this is where my thoughts are marinating (a la DYKC)…. Until you reach F500 your ads are really lead gen: “We’re EvilJohn Corp. our widgets are faster and cheaper – click to see the video”, then when you cross over to F500 it’s worthwhile for the pure branding – EvilJohn Corp. Stadium, Superbowl ad that’s a good joke but says nothing, etc…

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