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Verizon FIOS rocks.

Today I eat my words. If you follow The M Show you know the story of how I’ve said Verizon would have to pry my last dollar from my cold dead hand based on a squabble about 7 years ago. This was before my new BFF Daryl showed up this morning to turn the switch on for the glass tube that is now connected to Studio N.

Our past residence, Studio M had a Cable modem from a good company who I will keep nameless since I have no ill will towards them. Here’s the bandwidth I got:

Studio M

That’s pretty darn fast, faster than anything else I’ve ever used. Just for fun I compared it to the pipe at work:


I knew that the download was crummy, but it’s interesting that upload was almost 2x. Of course this is worthless – 90% of your traffic is download and the majority of the 10% upload are text (filling out forms) so that’s wasted most of the time.

Then the glass pipe lit up:


Insane. I don’t think there are many services that can feed me that fast. You can take the SpeakEasy Speed Test here if you’d like to compare.

An interesting footnote – the Wireless B and G machines get around 6mb down, I only get the 20 on the Wireless N rig.

Game On! Marketing Over Coffee coming tomorrow…