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Are you up for Sunday Brunch

I was catching up with Jeremiah’s blog and noticed that he is in Boston for the weekend. If you don’t know him, he used to work for PodTech and has recently taken a position with the analyst firm Forrester, covering web strategy/new media type stuff.

I’ve offered him brunch over at Henrietta’s Table at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square, and I’m awaiting final confirmation (because for some reason “brunch” starts at noon). Please comment if you’d be interested and I can get us a reservation. Please note that I’d have to book before friday and I may have trouble getting a table more than 6 so please jump quick if you want in.

Brunch: Sunday, October 7, at the Charles Hotel

It’s not cheap, but if it’s not the best brunch you’ve ever had I’ll give you a dozen donuts…

Oh yeah, and the latest edition of the best marketing podcast has been posted tonight.

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Yes, Len, with you in that leaves one last seat. I may be able to add 2 more if necessary, but I might not be able to change the reservation.

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