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Life with a Mac

It’s the weekend so I’m free to write a geek post after another week of marketing. I was lucky enough to skip out of work for a few hours and catch a presentation from Jeff Hoffman of Basho Strategies. He’s a world class presenter and the best salesman that I have ever met, he understands the dynamics of the deal and I would recommend him for anyone that needs a speaker for a sales kickoff or workshop.

After significant debate we have replaced Carin’s dying Dell Latitude LS400, a fine machine, rather dated, but still great (the monitor is the only weakness that you can’t get around – 800×600 doesn’t cut it anymore).

In order to reduce the tech support load that I bear for the family we will slowly transition everyone over to Macs.

Rather than religious debate, here’s what I know:

  1. Better display – the fonts in the OS look spectacular, I can’t believe how much better my sites look on this screen.
  2. No viruses – My Dad’s PC is running in great shape after more than a year. Losing 8 hours a year to reinstall windows after a spyware breakout was the deal breaker
  3. Better hardware – Wireless N built in, I’m getting 20mb download (thanks FIOS), and a superior soundcard. This is at least the 10th laptop I’ve had and the first that I get no system buzz when I use earphones plugged in.

The other thing is that so far I have no downside to report. Not having dreamweaver is one thing but I can boot windows up so I may mess around with that.

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You can make fonts look sexy in Windows XP as well: right click on the desktop and go to Properties/Appearance/Advanced and then select “Clear Type”

Mac smooths fonts and just about everything, which ironically was a complaint with Mac users in the past few years because it could not be toggled off. But now with much better Mac screens and larger resolutions its not as noticeable and it looks great.

Frank – That’s interesting, but the problem is that I would never intentionally do anything on a PC that would lower the performance. Boot times and lags already piss me off as it is…

Chris – I have no doubt I will be picking your brain a lot after the Podcamp rush is over.

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