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Life with a Mac

It’s the weekend so I’m free to write a geek post after another week of marketing. I was lucky enough to skip out of work for a few hours and catch a presentation from Jeff Hoffman of Basho Strategies. He’s a world class presenter and the best salesman that I have ever met, he understands the dynamics of the deal and I would recommend him for anyone that needs a speaker for a sales kickoff or workshop.

After significant debate we have replaced Carin’s dying Dell Latitude LS400, a fine machine, rather dated, but still great (the monitor is the only weakness that you can’t get around – 800×600 doesn’t cut it anymore).

In order to reduce the tech support load that I bear for the family we will slowly transition everyone over to Macs.

Rather than religious debate, here’s what I know:

  1. Better display – the fonts in the OS look spectacular, I can’t believe how much better my sites look on this screen.
  2. No viruses – My Dad’s PC is running in great shape after more than a year. Losing 8 hours a year to reinstall windows after a spyware breakout was the deal breaker
  3. Better hardware – Wireless N built in, I’m getting 20mb download (thanks FIOS), and a superior soundcard. This is at least the 10th laptop I’ve had and the first that I get no system buzz when I use earphones plugged in.

The other thing is that so far I have no downside to report. Not having dreamweaver is one thing but I can boot windows up so I may mess around with that.