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Fortress of Solitude

North BeachFor the past month I have been reviewing my schedule and I’ve noticed that a very large part of 2007 was devoted to networking in the new media space. Unfortunately it’s starting to look like I’m hitting a point of diminishing returns. As much as I enjoy going to events I’m starting to think that my time would be better spent working on projects rather than talking about them.

I’m going to finish out the events I have for this year and then I’ll be setting up the work plan for 2008 without adding a lot of events. Right now I’m looking at 4 events – Podcamp NYC, Gnomedex, NME in Vegas and Podcamp Boston, and may only pick two of those.

Is there a progression of events? You attend for a few years, hit the point of diminishing returns and then go every other, or even 3rd year just to keep up to date.

Another thing I have been thinking a lot about is an idea Eric Rice infected me with – some kind of event where work is done, as opposed to education. I’d much rather get together with 5 rockstars and try to do something rather than talk about how to do things.

Of course none of this is carved in stone, it’s year end and time to evaluate all the strategies and adjust for 2008, but it’s starting to look like more time in the Fortress.