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Busier than a one legged man

So there was no M Show this week, in short I am drowning in holiday BS. Between last minute gift buying, two snowstorms that took a good 7 hours out of my work week, and normal “everybody trying to get that last deal closed for year end” I haven’t had any time to catch up on writing.

Regardless – there’s some cool news I wanted to share. Number one is that Marketing Over Coffee has a sponsor and that will be rolling out tomorrow. This has been a few months in the making and I’m very excited about it. Our partner gets fresh audio content, and we get to extend the conversation to some folks from outside the new media fishbowl.

Number two – (skipping the obvious 8 year old laugh there) Check out the latest from the NOTHING show, and improv podcast made up of the garbage that I’ve posted on twitter for the past couple of months. I think this is the first time anyone has played me in a dramatic production. Too bad I sound like an alcoholic dork. It’s also interesting to note that I usually only twitter when I’m angry, stuck in a line or traffic, or both.

I really enjoy improv and would love to do some kind of audio comedy, of course picking up a new project is a challenge – as you know from my complaining that I have to make an appointment in outlook to be sure I have enough time to get to a stall as opposed to crapping my pants at my desk (never actually happened to me, but I do know other executives that have had that problem). I feel busier than a 4 year old kid in a 3rd world clothing factory.
Ok, I have to go to bed. Oh, and to add a little extra fun – off to the dentist tomorrow morning. The party just never stops bro’.