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Blogs are Crap, Twitter is Worse

Looking back on 2007 I think the best person I met was Chip Griffin. He’s doing some cool stuff and is a real entrepreneur.

He just posted talking about Snack Media and I think he’s being far too polite. I think there’s been way too much hype over the past 5 years about the acceleration of media and how the next generation is so great at multitasking. Studies I have seen show that this type of partial attention causes significant fatigue and inability to concentrate. Couple this with the huge shortfall in engineering and sciences and we’re stuck with a dearth of texting, IM, ipod listening, all while driving, Comp.Lit. majors with no money earning or tax paying skills. Show me one job besides stock trader where being able to gather information simultaneously from multiple sources does you any good.

Surgeon? Sorry, I think there’s some books and med school behind that one. Professional video game player? You’ve got better odds trying to get into the NBA. I’m not saying anything new when I say that the successful go deep, not thin and wide.

To further illustrate that blogs are crap I have no references or links to these “Studies” that I have seen that are done by “some people”.

I was just talking with Ron this morning about how happy I am that twitter continues to grow so that all of the chatter that has no value can be flushed out of the blogs and flow down there. Twitter is great for “I’m here right now” stuff, such as having a chance to meet up with Jose when I was in San Francisco, but at best it’s either a shout-out tool or a pointer to more substantial stuff.

I’ll fully admit that my blog is often half thought out, undercooked chicken. But if you are somebody out there who’s asking the same kinds of questions and facing the same problems this is our chance to figure it out together and hopefully have some fun in the process. By no means would I ever say that this is ready to publish.

Please do yourself a favor and add at least one book to your holiday break and go deep, get the information and develop a thought process that is stronger than the average ADD crack addict.

And I will brush away anyone who raises a Scrooge defense by saying that: I don’t consider you, dear reader, among the great unwashed masses that I complain about, and I truly appreciate you subscribing to the copy I write and the audio I record. May you have a happy holiday season, and a bright, fun and successful 2008.

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Must have been a rough year! Seriously, though, you’re very kind, and I’m glad to have met you in 2007 as well. What you and Mr. Penn are doing with coffee is some of the best stuff out there right now.

It’s also good to see you join the handful of people who agree with me on the snacking crisis. We’re a small group, but maybe that means we will rule the world! 🙂

Snacking crisis? That’s insane.

More professions where short attention spans work to their advantage:
Doctor: especially a fast paced hospital.
Politician: there is more information coming at every level of national politician every second than most humans can handle.
Journalist: it is now possible to be informed about an insane level of information through this type of media.
Real Estate and Banking: other than the procedures that these folks must learn by heart, keeping abreast of market influencing factors is good for the entire industry’s job performance, knowing where twists and turns are coming from.
Technology: durr.

Crisis, indeed.

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